Adopt A Highway
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Adopt A Highway

The time has come for TST Colorado's first Adopt A Highway trash pick-up of 2019!

The task is simple: pick up trash on the side of the highway while wearing silly bright vests, put the trash into bags, and leave said bags in a somewhat organized manner for Colorado DOT to pick up after we are done. 

Let's plan on meeting up at the breakfast restaurant "The Egg & I" (located at 799 US Hwy 287, Broomfield, CO 80020) at 09:00 on Saturday, April 27, and have a quick breakfast and chat. Breakfast is optional, so if you want to just meet us at our sign a little after 10:00, no problem.

At 10:00, we will head over to a highway pullout nearby, which is on the north side of the intersection of Indiana St and 120th Ave (also found on a GPS at the address "14801 W 120th Ave, Broomfield, CO 80021") to get ready to do the devil's work.

We will then all watch the two safety/threat identification videos that the state requires (total ~15 minutes of video). Every participant is required to watch the videos, or we will be risking a) your lives and b) losing our highway, either of which would be unacceptable. IF YOU DO NOT WATCH THESE SAFETY VIDEOS, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE.

It is likely that we will not complete both sides of the entire 2-mile segment (lesson learned from prior years). Per our contract, we need to do at least 4 trash pickups in the next year, so we will have plenty of opportunities to cover all of the unfinished parts.

We encourage you to bring some water and maybe some light snacks with you, but we will have enough water for everyone.

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